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Innovation Starter Accelerator will finance pre-seed stage of newly established Bulgarian companies. General Terms.

We make investments in companies for minority equity of which we would be looking to exit in a period of maximum 5 years and realize a substantial return. Although we are not planning to run your company, we would like to monitor its development on a monthly basis and prevent you from making some critical mistakes. Therefore we strictly monitor your KPI`s.

Of course, you will be able to rely on our expertise and most importantly on our business and investment network. Since the start of our application campaign, we have been approached by a number of companies, startups, entrepreneurs, stakeholders and project owners with business ideas that need funding. Although we are easily reachable and you will either know us or will be able to introduce yourself to us at an event, we don’t have the capacity to set up a personal meeting with everyone that is interested to apply. Therefore, we created a more structured application process. We would invite you to fill out an online application form here.

Only the most promising companies will be invited to the next step of the selection process. 

What are some of the key factors that we will analyze for pre-seed companies?

What else can be taken into consideration?

What can you expect from us? 

The selection process: 

Good luck and we look forward to reviewing your applications! 

Innovation Starter Team