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About Us

Innovation Starter Accelerator is an educational acceleration program for pre-seed startups. The accelerator is powered by the team of the first Bulgarian innovation agency – Innovation Starter, which operates the projects Innovation Explorer Forum and Innovation Academy as well as the support of corporate partners.

Our vision is to focus on key high-priority sectors in the local economy with potential for disruptive and scalable innovation – including Healthcare, Education, Care for the elderly, Transport & logistics, Frontier digitalization, Food industry, Eco-innovation – and to support their transformation through professional innovation management in high-potential start-up businesses.

Our end goal is to help these businesses growing to scale and cooperate with well-established companies and innovation leaders.

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The Team

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Supported startups

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Selection criteria

Our selection approach includes:

Sector profile

  • Industries: Healthcare, Care for elderly, Education, Transport and Logistics, Digitalization, Food Industry, Eco-innovations
  • Validated approach in the key sectors of the program
  • Sectors attractive for foreign investments in Bulgaria
  • Sectors with rapid growth potential and relatively low risk in the face of a new financial crisis
  • Sectors with potential for structural change and innovation or market consolidation
  • A successful business model that guarantees growth and profitability
  • Leadership strategy
  • Potential for top 3 in the market niche

Management Criteria

  • Excellent professional reputation
  • Founders with previous startup experience and domain expertise
  • Knowledge of the industry and network of contacts
  • Strive for high commercial performance
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