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Tsvetan Tsolov

Chief Operating Officer
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Tsvetan Tsolov has almost 20 years experience in coordination and management of projects financed by various EU programmes, including 7th Framework Programme, Horizon 2020, Urban Innovative Action, EIT Urban Mobility as well as investment projects under the operational programmes.
As manager of different structural units in Sofia Urban Mobility Centre and Sofia Municipality, Tsvetan participated actively in the preparation and implementation of a number of international projects related to sustainable urban development and mobility in Sofia as well as in the elaboration and the application of programmes, plans and concepts in this sphere. He successfully cooperates with European financial institutions such as EIB and EBRD in the course of these activities.
Tsvetan graduated First English Language School and Technical University in Sofia with excellence, holding a Master’s degree in Industrial Management. He completed also processional qualification with a major in International Economic Relations.